Armagnac Part Deux!

Armagnac Castarede- Armagnac Part Deux!

The Armagnac adventure continues this week with Chateau Castarede.

I tend to think of Armagnac in this way: Armagnac is to Cognac as Mezcal is to Tequila; or Scotch vs Irish whisky. Scotch is peaty, smoky, sometimes rustic, weighty and even salty…

Armagnac Feature- Baron de Sigognac:

In the spirit (no pun intended) of uncovering secret gems, my story is about Armagnac. I love that brandy. Armagnac is my spirit of choice. If there is one spirit alcohol you need to sample in life- this is it.

My introduction to Armagnac came…

katarina vucic

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